Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Tale of Two Worlds, Part II

I mentally live in a different world. My thoughts shift when I am being creative. I think in terms of a Betsey Johnson-Tarina Tarantino-Regency-Former Punk Rocker-Mod/Ska-April Cornell-Anthropologie-Old British Ladies Drinking Cups of Tea-Ben Sherman-Fred Perry-Bettie Paige-Rachel Ashwell-Take me to Paris-kind of life. Both worlds can coexist because of the basic principles of design. When great colours, shapes, and ideas collide, it can all meld together beautifully. I was playing with displaying some vintage jewelry. I used props from my laundry room that has a "French Laundry" theme. My studio and my laundry room are the 2 main spaces void of the danish modern look.

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